Heated Seats Arrive In The Deluxe Lake Spa

October 3, 2017

Polynesian Spa is happy to welcome its newest addition to the Deluxe Lake Spa. A new heated seat area has been built next to the 36 degree Rachel Spring Pool. This area houses 5 brand new geothermally heated recliners. The recliners are a great sustainable addition to the premium bathing area. The heated recliners installed in 2015 are hugely popular so its great to be able to provide more of these to guests. Enjoying the heated recliners is a great way to relax while taking a break from the mineral hot pools and provide stunning views of Lake Rotorua.

Heated Seats Deluxe Lake Spa   Heated Seats Deluxe Lake Spa

The new area built to house Heated Seats Deluxe Lake Spa    Heated Seats Deluxe Lake Spa Rotorua Redwoods forest scenery