Julian Dean teams up with Polynesian Spa

January 17, 2016

Four-time Olympian road cyclist and Orica Green-EDGE performance manager Julian Dean has teamed up with Polynesian Spa as its sports ambassador.

Mr Dean will be developing sports relaxation guidelines on how to use the unique mineral pools for their muscle benefits, as well as hydrotherapy tips for the cold plunge pool.

During his 17-year professional career, Mr Dean competed in four Olympics and 20 Grand Tours including Giro d’Italia, Tour de France and Vuelta a Espana, earning himself two stage wins, 12 top-10 finishes and a reputation as the best lead-out sprinter in the sport.

Since retiring in 2013, Mr Dean and his family have settled in Rotorua and he’s now giving back to the cycling community as the performance manager for Orica Green-EDGE – an Australian professional road race cycling team that he raced for during his career.

Mr Dean says he is a strong advocate for effective sports relaxation and he’s excited to share knowledge in Rotorua as it’s a cycling and mountain biking mecca, with incredible natural resources on its doorstep.

“Polynesian Spa is not just a great place for relaxation and soothing muscles, it also does wonders for mental recovery – something a lot of athletes struggle with.

“After a long day riding in the forest or on the road, chilling out in the peaceful lake-side environment encourages your body and mind to switch off and relax.

“My favorite pool to relax in is the acidic Priest Spring pool in the Lake Spa – the acidity of the water has a soothing effect on my body, especially when I’ve got aches and pains after a miss-calculation otherwise known as a crash!

“I also love hanging out and having fun in the water with my wife Carol and two boys Tanner and Val.”

A cold plunge pool was added to the Lake Spa area 12 months ago, allowing Polynesian Spa visitors to maximise their experience through hydrotherapy.

Mr Dean says he’s been using the cold plunge pool for hydrotherapy since it was introduced and has become an advocate for it benefits.

“Cold plunge pools are becoming an integral part of athlete recovery and it’s great that Polynesian Spa has made this practice accessible to athletes of all abilities – not just the elite.”

Polynesian Spa chief executive Gert Taljaard says Julian is one of New Zealand’s leading cycling personalities and to have him and his family living in Rotorua is fantastic.

“We’re excited to have Julian as an ambassador and his contribution will be invaluable to educate people on the benefits of sports recovery at Polynesian Spa.”

Julian Dean


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