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The benefits of passive and active bathing

Polynesian Spa has added to its wellness rituals with active bathing options including a new reflexology walk and cold plunge pool, offering guests even greater access to relaxation and recovery for increased energy levels and healthier immune systems.

Both wellness offerings originate from ancient healing practices, and incorporate changing temperatures and the use of the body’s pressure points to encourage health and healing. Both reflexology and hydrotherapy are proven to have significant health benefits, such as sports and injury recovery, easing arthritis pain, and increasing energy levels and immunity.

Reflexology is an ancient healing art that applies pressure to specific areas of the feet referred to as reflexes. By walking on the stones along the reflexology walk in bare feet, it stimulates pressure points that correspond to all major body organs and areas – encouraging vital energy and blood flow throughout the body, relieving stress, improving balance and enhancing physical and mental wellbeing.

The cold plunge pool is perfect for hot and cold hydrotherapy. The extremes of hot and cold water cause muscles to expand and contract, offering gentle detoxification as toxins are squeezed from the muscles.

Polynesian Spa have added the cold plunge pool and the reflexology walk, so visitors can choose to not only lie back and bathe, but to also try other wellness options in between moving to various hot pools.

Do the mineral waters really work? Three regular visitors explain

The mineral benefits of the Polynesian Spa waters are unique and sometimes we get asked if they really work? We believe our biggest bathing advocates are the best people to give their opinion:

Chris and Vicky Tetus – annual visitors from Australia for 50 years

Polynesian Spa’s most dedicated international bathers are Chris and Vicky Tetus from Melbourne, Australia who have come to Polynesian Spa every year for 50 years. They have travelled all over the world and they have been to spas across Europe, but it is the healing benefits of Rotorua that has seen them return.

Chris, aged 79, has been visiting the spa since 1965 when they were called Ward Baths and were owned by the government, he puts his good health and feelings of youth down to the annual visits.

"I moved to Australia and then I came to New Zealand for a holiday in 1965. I spent 10 days in Rotorua and I liked it very much. I have been coming here at least once or twice a year since then. The spa makes us feel energetic and rejuvenated. We also recommend it to our friends from Australia and they have come here at least twice and they loved it.”

Hydrotherapy at Polynesian Spa helps sports recovery

The perfect pairing of Polynesian Spa’s Priest Spring waters and the new cold plunge pool are helping athletes with sports recovery.

Crankworx Rotorua ambassador and Enduro mountain biker Lisa Horlor says she has found the cold plunge pool great for recovery.

“I hop in the 40 degree acidic spa for five minutes, then straight into the freezing plunge pool for 30 seconds and repeat, repeat, repeat. I can't believe how good I feel afterwards. #recoveryday #hotcold #trainingperks #lovelife,” she says.

The new cold plunge pool is located in the Lake Spa and is perfect for hot and cold hydrotherapy. The extremes of hot and cold water cause muscles to expand and contract, offering gentle detoxification as toxins are squeezed from the muscles. It also improves circulation, is beneficial for muscle pain recovery and increases the body’s immunity. Alternating between hot and cold pools two to three times gives the best results.

Polynesian Spa’s specialist Aix Therapy gets an upgrade

The world of water therapy has been taken to higher luxurious levels at Polynesian Spa with new Italian Aix Therapy Vichy beds and stone tile floors.

Aix therapy combines jets of warm water with a relaxation massage to rejuvenate and revitalise the mind and body. Therapists use Rotorua thermal mud polish, Mānuka honey walnut polish, coconut or mango sugar rub to immerse the body into total relaxation.

In Rotorua, the Aix spa concept was first introduced in 1903 and in those days it was claimed that the treatment helped with hysteria, engorged liver or piles. Today guests are promised the sensation of soft water jets combined with massage.

A lot of research was done with international travel to see other spas for the best Aix therapy inspiration. As a result, top of the line Vichy beds from Italy now feature as they provide maximum comfort while also allowing therapists to get close enough to give the best possible massage.

Natural grey stone tiles have been used for the flooring which are non-slip and white tiles for the walls create a contemporary spa environment. Louvres and new lighting have also been added to create a tranquil atmosphere in the three Aix therapy rooms.