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Overlooking Lake Rotorua, the Deluxe Lake Spa is Polynesian Spa’s premium hot mineral bathing and relaxation area.
Lake Spa Highlights
  • Four alkaline hot mineral pools, one acidic hot mineral pool, one cold plunge pool
  • Five geothermally heated recliners 
  • Towels, lockers, soap, shampoo and hairdryers are included
  • Beautiful lake views
  • Relaxation lounge overlooking the lake

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Enjoy tranquil bathing and lake views in four shallow alkaline rock pools, each with different temperatures (36˚C to 42˚C) and a newly built acidic pool so guests are able to enjoy the benefits of the two types of hot mineral water offered at Polynesian Spa. Here you are surrounded by revitalizing native New Zealand flora, natural rocks, the sound of two waterfalls and a grotto. The pools are filled with soothing alkaline mineral water leaving your skin soft and supple.

Just opened in February 2015, a cold plunge pool has been added for those looking for hot cold hydrotherapy. The extremes of hot and cold water cause muscle to expand and contract offering gently detoxification as toxins are squeezed from the muscles. Alternating between hot and cold pools two or three times gives the best results. 

A large indoor relaxation lounge also overlooks Lake Rotorua, where as a Lake Spa guest, you are welcome to move from the pools to the lounge once dried off and return to bathe in the Deluxe Lake Spa pools as you wish.

Other amenities include well-appointed changing facilities with towels, lockers, soap, shampoo and hairdryers provided.

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30 September 2014