Mindful Moments with Rachel Grunwell

March 29, 2018

Polynesian Spa ambassador. Wellness speaker. Wellness magazine columnist. Yoga and meditation teacher. Director of lifestyle website Inspired Health.

Welcome to my first blog as Polynesian Spa’s official Health and Wellbeing Ambassador. I’m so excited to announce this collaboration. I look forward to sharing science-backed tools that can inspire you to live a healthier and happier life. I’ve used these tools first-hand too to help me transform from being a stressed-out and unhealthy mum into a fun loving, healthy, happy mum and Kiwi entrepreneur.

I also look forward to sharing my journey with you as I rediscover one of New Zealand’s most iconic experiences, Polynesian Spa bringing you regular monthly Mindful Moment blogs . These will be full of tips to help bring balance to your everyday life. With simple “how to’s” you too can transform to be fitter, healthier and happier. I promise.

If I can become fitter and healthier, you can too. I speak from experience. I was once unfit, didn’t enjoy exercise and ate a sugar-loaded diet. I’ve since learned (and now teach) tools on how to stay motivated with fitness and health choices and how to make this work around juggling a busy career, family and having restorative “me time” to shed stress. Using science-based tools is key. I can’t wait to teach you lots of tricks and share wellness wisdom that I’ve learnt from some of the best minds in the wellness business. I’ve interviewed wellness experts throughout New Zealand and globally for years as a wellness writer including professors, authors, researchers and more. I also work as a qualified yoga and meditation teacher and have helped lots of corporates to de-stress, sleep better and fit in more wellness tools into their lifestyle. I have worked with business owners, lawyers, accountants to full-time mums.

It’s about this time of year that you might start to lose sight of all those New Year’s resolutions. But the reality is, you can choose to transform your health any time. You don’t need a change of date to motivate you.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed about starting a new health or fitness journey – especially when you are juggling a demanding career or have a busy family life (or both). The hardest part is actually starting. Here are some tips to kick-start your health journey. Choose one or two ideas that resonate with you.

Tips to transform:

· Embrace progression, not perfectionism. Realise no one lives a perfect life. Perfectionism is a myth.

· Adopt one healthy habit at a time and work on it (ie drink more water daily, cut sugar from coffee, walk more daily). Take it slow and stick with it. If you try and do everything at once you’ll likely feel overwhelmed.

· Be kind on yourself and look at your calendar for the gaps where you can take time for yourself for fitness. This time is important, even if it’s a short walk outside at lunchtime. If you are fitter and healthier then this affects how you perform in your job ultimately. You also want to set a good example for anyone you work with that looking after your health is smart. This can fuel not only self-confidence but also creativity and productivity. Decoded: If you are healthier and happier then this can have a ripple effect into your career.

· Embrace positive thinking. How you view the world affects how you think, feel, perform and experience everything. You’ll also be nicer to be around (at work, at home or as a friend).

· Do one kind act daily, or at least weekly (no matter how small – it could just be complimenting a colleague). This has a ripple effect. The world can always do with more kindness. Remember how it feels when someone does something thoughtful for you – it’s amazing, right?

· You deserve “me-time” to re-set a healthier lifestyle for the sake of your health and happiness levels. Join me on a Mindful Moments retreat to learn lots of science-based and real-life tips and tricks to transform yourself and become the best version of you.


If you missed our original big announcement regarding our exciting collaboration, click here for the original article.

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