Julian Dean Unwinds at Polynesian Spa During Rotorua Bike Festival

February 13, 2017

In Spain they use a noun to describe a commotion, an unusual busy-ness, or the drama and difficulty you experience when trying to get something done. They call it ‘jaleo’ and this is always the word that comes to mind when our city gets overrun with visitors during the holiday season – especially when we are trying to enjoy the things that as locals we get to enjoy here often such as biking, being at the lakes, restaurants and of course, the Polynesian Spa.

February, for me, is when we get our city back and it is the moment to really enjoy the treasures of the place and what it has on offer.  The weather is at it’s best and it is a good time to reflect on how blessed we are in this little piece of paradise.

One of our city’s annual highlights is about to kick off, the Rotorua Bike Festival.  While it is true that the Rotorua Bike Festival does attract visitors to share our playground, it also has a strong local component and it provides a great opportunity to get out with family and friends and catch up with those who you have missed over the holiday periods. 

The Rotorua Bike Festival will be quickly followed up by Crankworxs at the end of March which for me signals the start of the European Pro Bike racing season and the dawning of my hectic winter work period.  A new addition to my 2017 calendar will be my participation in the charity, Tour of New Zealand www.tourofnewzealand.co.nz, where we will look to take the total some of funds raised by the Tour over the years to over $1.000.000, benefiting charities such as the Tear Fund, Unicorn Foundation and the NZ Fallen Heros Trust, amongst others. 

After the Tour of New Zealand in earlier April, I will yo-yo between home and Europe, beginning with the Giro de Italia in May, the Tour de France in July and the Vuelta España in September. Between each of these trips I will look forward to nothing more than getting back, chilling out with the family and enjoying some quiet time soaking at the Polynesian Spa – it really is the dangling carrot during the ‘jaleo’ of pro-cycling.