Benefits of hot water bathing in summer

January 25, 2019

As there are a number of physical wellness benefits to hot water bathing, it needn’t be reserved just for winter.

Heat increases blood circulation by dilating blood vessels and buoyancy relieves joint stress as it reduces your weight by 90%. Heat also reduces joint inflammation and increases mobility, so can be especially helpful to those suffering from arthritis.

Naturally hot water encourages relaxation, and combined with Polynesian Spa’s tranquil setting, will leave you feeling a sense of calm, all year round.


Polynesian Spa is home to 28 pools, fed from two natural springs – the slightly acidic Priest Spring which works to relieve tired muscles, aches and pains, and the alkaline waters of the Rachel Spring, which nourish the skin as it features the antiseptic action of sodium silicate.


So don’t limit yourself, and keep up your swimming this summer!