Arthritis sufferers find relief with geothermal waters

September 25, 2018

People around the world have been visiting our healing geothermal waters for 140 years to alleviate their arthritis pain.

It all started when Father Mahoney, a Catholic Priest bathed in our waters in 1878, and proclaimed he was ‘cured’ of his crippling arthritis. The global reputation spread and we named our Priest Spring after this man of faith.

People with arthritis already know warm water can help their inflammation, however our slightly acidic pool appears to be more relieving and has been of benefit to people with gout, lupus, fibromyalgia and more.

Polynesian Spa is the only place in New Zealand where you can bathe in this special mineral water. Sadly, more than half of Kiwis over 75 years of age have some form of arthritis, making joints stiff, painful and swollen, often leading to chronic pain.  This is one of the leading causes of disability in our country.
Polynesian Spa proudly provides free access to the Family Spa for Arthritis New Zealand water therapy programmes.

If this sounds like it could potentially help someone you know, feel free to enquire by contacting: Mary Barton – Phone: 07 346 3831

Classes run for 30 minutes and are on the following days:
Monday  8:30am
Tuesday  1pm
Wednesday  8:30am


arthritis exercise classes at polynesian spa


How do the arthritis programmes work?

• The classes are held in the Family Spa, children’s chlorine pool, as it is the coolest for exercise at 33 degrees
• There is an option after class for a short spa in the Family Pool shallow alkaline pools
• Classes go for 30 minutes and exercises include walking and strength using pool noodles and aqua dumb bells
• Locals come to the classes
• Max 16 people in each class
• Classes are on Mon/Weds 8:30am and Tues 1pm
• To attend, contact: Mary Barton – Phone: 07 346 3831


mineral pools arthritis exercise classes at polynesian spa