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Polynesian Spa development projects 2017 | Cafe, Lake Spa Seating, Adult Pools

Starting 24 July 2017, several development projects are underway at Polynesian Spa. The Cafe is being redeveloped from the ground up, more geothermally heated recliners are being installed in the Deluxe Lake Spa area, and, another Priest Pool is being relined in the Adult Pools Area. The new cafe, shown above in the architects render, is set to bring a level of offering to match the outstanding bathing, therapy, and gifting currently found at Polynesian Spa. The investment shows the company is committed to providing a world class immersive experience for locals and visitors alike. In conjunction with a complete overhaul, the cafe food and beverage offering will also reflect a lift in quality, with local wine and craft beer being introduced, as well as New Zealand made gelato.

It is important to note that entry to Polynesian Spa will not be affected by developments works. The cafe will be boarded off, and entrance to the complex through the main entry and reception area is not affected. Some noise and dust may occur during works periods between 800am and 430pm, weekdays.

Some FAQ's:


Development Starts July 24 2017 set to be completed 30 September 2017

Will the cafe still serve food and drinks?

The cafe will be closed during the redevelopment, however; beverages will be available in the lobby, and we will seek to offer coffee and snacks if available.

Will this effect entrance to Polynesian Spa?

No. Entrance will remain as usual and the complex remains open during normal hours.

What time will construction work take place?

Between 8am and 430pm, Monday to Friday.


Contact us today to find out more or if you have any questions.