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88Ra Cafe | Rotorua's Finest Eatery

Why 88Ra?

What name could we possibly give to this heartwarming place where friends and family get together alongside visitors from far and wide?
Our hope is that 88Ra will leave you with fond memories of visiting this world-famous spa complex, along with a wonderful taste in your mouths. While the ominous sounding chemical radium borax is no longer used in our pools, in the early 1900s bathers and patients who came for different therapies were treated with water “activated” by exposure to radium borax.

The liquid was reported to be excellent at tightening loose teeth and lowering sugar levels in diabetics. At the time, radioactivity was considered something that imparted vitality and freshness. Now in the 21st Century, radium borax has not been used in any of our waters or treatments for more than 100 years, however, as a nod to the once regarded miracle ingredient, we took the scientific symbol for Radium - Ra - and added its atomic number - 88 - and there you have it - 88Ra.

Merging together significant historical facts and fictions, modern scientific knowledge, and local Maori culture into a relaxed, contemporary eatery - 88Ra was born.

Juices and Smoothies


• Vitality: spirulina, ginger, orange
• Detox: carrot, orange, cranberry juice
• Refresher: Apple, orange, lemon, ginger, mint
• Refresh: blueberries, apple, ginger, lemon
• Elevate: strawberries, orange, apple
• Cleanse: carrot, tomato, beetroot, spinach

• Duchess: banana, raspberries, blackberries
• Pavilion: peaches, avocado, strawberries
• Camille: Kiwifruit, banana, honey
• Radium: mango, yoghurt
• Mahony: strawberries, banana, yoghurt
• Rachel: your choice of two berries: blueberries, boysenberries, raspberries, strawberries
*Please note: all smoothies are made with vanilla ice cream


A La Carte:

Bread & Dip

Hummus, pesto, vegetable relish or
olive oil, dukkah, hummus

Burgers (beef or chicken)

Lettuce, tomato, onion, smoked cheese,
beetroot relish, pickles, mayonnaise & tomato sauce

Chicken & Bacon Salad

Fresh garden salad, streaky bacon, served with
choices of dressings

Kids Hot Dog

Cheese, tomato sauce & mustard

Toasted Sandwich

Ham, bacon, salami, tomato, pickle, onion,
pineapple & cheese


Beef mince, tomato, beans, onion, garlic & spices

Cabinet food:

We have a wide range of scrumptious food in the cabinet – the perfect option if you don’t have much time on your hands.

This includes fresh sandwiches, chicken wraps, pasta, corn fritters, salads, frittata, quiche, pizza, pies and freshly baked muffins, slices and scones.

There’s also Kapiti and Tip Top icecreams to cool you down after a hot soak.