Adult Spa

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Bathing suit*:$5.00
Security locker:$5.00

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Just for adults, this popular area offers seven hot mineral pools with views of Lake Rotorua.


Adult Pools Highlights
  • No kids allowed
  • Seven hot mineral pools with water from two springs
  • A reflexology walk
  • Great for socialising
  • Stunning lake views

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The pools are fed with hot mineral spring water from two different springs.

Three cascading, marble-lined pools (38˚C to 39˚C), feature alkaline water, renowned for its natural antiseptic action due to the high sodium silica content. The smooth terraced walls provide a popular resting spot for bathers! 

The large deeper alkaline pool (38˚C) is an excellent place to stretch out for some light activity. Historically it was said that those who bathe in eth Rachel Spring water will be blessed with ageless beauty!

The three Priest Spa pools (39˚C to 42˚C), offer special thermal bathing in acidic water from the Radium hot spring, long renowned for its therapeutic properties. The Priest Spa was named after a catholic priest, who in the late 1800’s gained great relief from arthritis when bathing in the hot spring waters.

Try our new reflexology walk in this area. It stimulates pressure points in your feet that correspond to all major body organs and areas - encouraging vital energy and blood flow throughout your body, relieving stress, improving balance and enhancing physical and mental well-being. 

Spacious changing rooms are provided and a choice of storage tubs and pay-lockers are available for your belongings and valuables.

The Adult Pools is a great area for socializing!

There is no access to any of the other complex pools from the Adult Pools.
 Adult pools and priest spa: Polynesian Spa

Adult Pools

Adult pools and priest spa: Polynesian Spa

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Adult Pools
07 December 2010
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Adult Pools
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Adult Pools
07 December 2010
adult pools
02 November 2011
Adult Pools
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 Adult Pools, Polynesian Spa, Rotorua
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